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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pawn Shop in Newport News, Virginia

What to expect if buying?

If you have never been in a pawn shop before, you are in for a treat. Whether buying or selling, the shop will open a whole new world filled with one of a kind items which you can touch and feel. You will always know exactly what you are buying, because our experts are trained and our items are of the finest quality.
Pawn shops often specialize. They often don't know what will come in so stop by often or ask the employees to watch if you are looking for something special. Make sure that the store is clean and well organized. Make sure the items are current and are reliable brands.
We offer 90 Day Layaway with 10% down. No Fees or payments.

What to expect if selling?

Always look for a reputable shop with experts. Since many shops specialize, learn what your shop accepts. Items must be in excellent condition, which is better than average and of high quality. Items are appraised at a fair market value by an expert.

All business discussed is strictly confidential and we work hard to answer all your questions and provide a comfortable atmosphere. You must have a proper ID. Expect immediate payment for your items.